2017 Seminar Speaking Schedule

June 10-11  Trigger Point Therapy:  A Kinder Gentler Approach

              This is a foundational course that gives therapists the basic understanding and 
              techniques to do highly effective work. Dr. Simons came to believe that Trigger
              Point Therapy should be performed with little to no pain. In this course you will 
             practice muscle length testing, postural evaluation, and treating trigger points with 
             very little effort. This approach helps the client and saves your body. It also works!

June 22-23  DermoNeuroModulation - Releasing Your Inner Calm

Your days of going home wiped out can stop.  Focusing on the nervous system takes a good deal of the work out of Bodywork! It is time for the pain to end – your pain.  You can save yourself and still help your clients.  Learn how to apply neurological principles to your thinking and technique.  See how gentle stretching of the skin in the right place can result in warmth, softening, and surprise at the effortlessness of movement.

This course emphasizes pain science and neurology.  The result is a highly effective therapy founded on the newest understanding of research.   DermoNeuroModulation is a technique pioneered by Diane Jacobs PT.  In this course you will practice nerve evaluation and treatment via skin stretch.  This approach works in a manner that is gentle on both therapist and client.
Pittsburgh school of Massage Therapy
October 21-22  Movement and Massage
"The Fusian Movement Approach"

          Massage was never intended to be done apart from movement and now Richard Finn
          shows you how to do just that!  This seminar integrates the original Swedish
         Movement with modern Neurodynamic Movement techniques and then applies the
         material personally with a home care approach that blends these motions and
         integrates them with modern movement re-education and ideomotor techniques. The
         application of these principles leads to increased client relaxation, less work on your
         part, increased ROM, decreased pain, and immediate postural changes.  This is
         primarily a hands on course with 3 hours of lecture and 11 hours of demonstration and
         hands on learning.
  • Skills learned:
  • Swedish Movement
  • Neurodynamic evaluation and treatment
  • Home movement sequences

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