Massage Therapy – This is a favorite of many!  Oil is applied to the skin and I use long flowing strokes that roll the tension away.  Many people just want to relax and this is a great way to do just that!  Appropriate draping is always applied.  It can be light or deep depending on what your body needs. Many people do this regularly and enjoy the stress relief that it offers.  Feel free to specify Swedish, Deep Tissue, or even a Fascial approach.  It's all here!

Trigger Point Therapy – We have all felt tightened areas that feel like knots in the muscles.  I locate these areas and apply gentle pressure.  This causes them to relax and your muscles often become much more flexible.  People in pain love this work!

Pain Treatment – Our most popular service!  The approach is simple.
·        Calm down the nervous system and begin moving.
·        Look for the things that keep the nervous system on alert.
·        Start to move in non painful ways.

This is what your body needs and wants.

Don’t look for or expect a specific technique.  That is not what pain treatment is about.  Your nervous system gets to decide what works and there is no one size fits all technique.  Instead – I listen to your story.  That helps me decide what approach I might take.  My technique varies based on your response.  This is all about helping you discover what your nervous system needs.

Why this approach?  This approach is taken because of how modern pain science tells us your body reacts.  When your brain senses that danger is afoot it often creates pain.  This is a message that your body uses tell you to Withdraw from the pain.  This is like hitting your thumb with a hammer.  Your response is immediate.  You just can’t help it.  You pull your thumb away.  Then you Protect it.  You hold it to keep it safe.  This is where most people are at when they come in for treatment.  Their muscles pull them into a protective cocoon.  This tightening up protects us but tends to keep the blood that carries important “stuff” like oxygen and food to your nerves. Therapy aims to take you toward Resolution.  In this phase you begin to move, the nerves get their nutrients, oxygen and other needed chemicals.  Most importantly, your brain doesn’t sense a threat and tells the body to relax.  It stops – you get relief.

I recommend wearing a tee shirt and running shorts to treatment.  This gives me access to skin if I need it.  Most importantly – you get to be comfortable!

Asian Bodywork – The earliest textbooks on Swedish Massage mention Asian Bodywork.  The Asian approach involves a worldview that is unique to those cultures.  You may have heard of meridians that carry energy through the body like a river travels through land.  In theory this energy has sources in particular areas that are named as body organs.  What this means to treatment is that very gentle pressure and relaxing.  I primarily use an approach called Touch for Health that integrates eastern and western explanations of the therapy.  Changes are often immediate and dramatic.  This is NOT the sexual approach that is becoming popular today.  

Online Consultation - During this time of social distancing it is still possible to get help.  30 minute sessions can be done by phone, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom.  I recommend having your copy of "Trigger Point Therapy Made Simple."  It is where you will find specific instructions to follow the directions that will be given during the session.  $25 for 30 minutes,

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