Spray and Stretch

I have found the Spray and Stretch technique to be a very effective tool for Pain Management.  Read my interview in Lotion for Motion to learn more.  Click on the Blue links below to go to the videos that I have done for the Spray and Stretch technique.  You won't be disappointed!

Richard demonstrates Spray and Stretch at the APTA convention

The following are instructional videos created for the Gebauer Company to illustrate how to treat with the Spray and Stretch Technique:

An Introduction to the principles behind the Spray and Stretch Technique:

Introduction to the Spray and Stretch Technique

Head and Neck Videos:

Suboccipital Treatment
Upper Trapezius Treatment

Lower Trapezius Treatment

Sternocliedomastoid Treatment
Levator Scapula Treatment

Shoulder Girdle Muscles

Biceps Brachii Treatment

Pectoralis Major Treatment

Pectoralis Minor Treatment

Low Back Muscles

Iliopsoas Treatment
Rectus Femoris Treatment
Lumbar Paraspinals Treatment
Treating the Gluteus Maximus

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